xApption Blocks

The building blocks for your wordPress site

Build a website that looks like it was made by an expensive web design studio with just one-click.

Unique Blocks for your site

xApption Blocks Features

Adding buttons and containers to your site is not enough… You want them to look cool!

We built xApption Blocks with those in mind who want to make their site stand out. Mobile-first and easy to use!

iPad tablet showing the mobile version of the xApption.com website.

Make your site stand out

Dark-Mode Ready

Want to turn your website to the dark side? Our one-of-a-kind dark mode support allows you just that.

All xApption Blocks support dark mode out of the box. It looks cool and will offer your visitors a unique experience.

Call to action

Hero Header Builder

Create stunning hero headers that capture your visitor’s attention and lower your bounce rates.

Choose between different layouts that are responsive out of the box.

Different devices with building blocks for responsive web design using WordPress and other page builders.

Rocket taking off.


Smaller page size with SVG images

Slow page speed sucks! Our SVG block allows you to input SVGs easily, adjust them how you need it and place them anywhere in your content.

Modern, fast, and unique. Because you put a lot of effort into your brand.

Coming Soon!

As of March 20201, we are currently working on releasing the first version of our product. Check out our blog in the meantime or send us a message to get updates on the development progress. 🙂